Use Wu-Bei coupon, the second room is free

Period of stay: 2021.10.08~2021.12.31
Explanation: Use five times coupon to pay, you can go to the free room
(Second night or second room)

  • Price:

Weekdays:  $ 2800/2 people  $3300/3 people  $3800/4 people

Holiday (Saturday): $3600/2 people  $4100/3 people  $4600/4 people


Project description:

  • Designated reservation channels: call reservations, official website reservations. Travel agencies, groups and other OTA reservations are not applicable.
  • Need to use five times coupons to pay the amount after deducting the deposit ** Or can some use five times coupons and some other payment methods such as China Travel Coupon (APP), Guest House Coupon (APP), cash, etc.?
  • The buy one get one free offer is applicable to (1) staying with the same guest for one night, getting one night free, or (2) staying in two rooms on the same night (only for the same room type).
  • If one of the check-in dates falls on a Saturday, the Saturday room rate will be used as the payment basis.
  • This special offer is limited to 3 rooms per day (two rooms in the same night will be regarded as one)
  • Not applicable on national holidays