Stay period: 2020.12.5 ~2021.1.31

Option A Easy Housing Project
Weekdays:  $2080/2 people  $2480/3 people  $2880/4 people
Holiday     :  $3080/2 people  $3480/3 people  $3880/4 people

Plan B Accommodation + Taroko One-day Tour Project
Weekdays:  $2560/2 people  $3520/3 people  $4320/4 people
Holiday     :  $3560/2 people  $4520/3 people  $5320/4 people
One-day tour itinerary: Depart from hotel at 09:00 → Qingshui Cliff → Yanzikou → Changchun Temple → Cimu Bridge → Shakadang Trail → Qixingtan Scenic Area → Back to hotel
(The whole journey takes about 8 hours, lunch is on your own)
Project content:
*  VIPs over 55 (including) can enjoy exclusive housing discounts immediately.
* When checking in, each room must provide an ID card for registration. If you are unable to present a valid certificate or an unqualified VIP, you must make up the price difference of the room rate on the day.
* Provide Chinese and Western buffet breakfast according to room type
* Provide station, airport shuttle service, reservation is required three days in advance
* Provide scheduled pick-up and drop-off at Dongdaemun Night Market *** Depart from the hotel at 18:00 and pick up at 21:00 for aboriginals at the street *** (reservation required one day in advance)
* A free souvenir per room (items are randomly matched)

*Limited to 5 rooms per day, please make an early reservation
*This project cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts
* Not applicable during consecutive holidays

*Reservation line: 03-8246898

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