The names match up

  • Guest name pair in any word, you can enjoy the special price of the second room or the second night NT$ 299

【Project Period】
2021/04/06 (Tue) ~ 2021/06/18 (Fri)
Weekdays (Sunday、Friday) only, not applicable on Saturdays and consecutive holidays
Consecutive holidays: Dragon Boat Festival 6/12 (Sat)-6/13 (Sun)

【Room Price】

 $2300/2 people  $2800/3 people  $3300/4 people

【Event Description】 

  • As long as there is any one of the four characters [花、蓮、麗、軒], or its homophones in the name of the guest who stays in the guest’s name, they will enjoy the discount of NT 299 for the second night or the second room! (First night Or the first room is the direct guest price)
  • Please note that homophones and different characters must have the same tones, for example: 麗 = 立 = 莉 = 力 = 俐。樺 ≠ 花、麗 ≠ 李
  • There is no restriction on the age of eligible persons. However, minors must be accompanied by an adult.
  • On the day of check-in, the guest must present his/her valid ID, such as ID card, driver's license, health insurance card, residence permit, passport or household register, etc. Those who are unable to provide documents can only provide the on-site price for check-in on the day
  • This activity is applicable to (1) staying for two consecutive nights or (2) staying in two rooms on the same night, limited to the same room type.
  • For a single stay, each eligible person can enjoy at most one discount.
  • During the event, there is no limit to the number of stays.
  • NT 299 preferential price for staying for one night or one room, only when the house is used up at the current time, and cannot be reserved for future bookings.
  • For stays on the third day (inclusive) and above, various preferential accommodation programs on site are applicable.
  • If the guest stays for three days on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, this discount applies to Friday and Sunday.
  • This special offer is limited to five rooms per day (two rooms in the same night are regarded as one)
  • This offer is a limited item on the official website and only accepts official website and calls/visits to make room reservations. Other channels are not applicable.
  • If you book a pet room, the NT$ 1000 fee will still be charged daily without discount.

*Reservation line: 03-8246898

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