Hualien Li-Shiuan International hotel, the elegant five-star decoration, large space design with a warm, relaxed environment. We have 95 elegant guest rooms, providing variety of space and meticulous service, during peak hours in the tense city life to enjoy a quiet, private living space with elegance and style. While you feel the vitality of Hualien, you will also experience luxurious and supreme service. When you walk into the hotel, you will enjoy views of the mountain and ocean. In your hotel room, you will see the Pacific Ocean along with the Seashore Mountain Range; feeling like you are surrounded by nature, which helps you forget your fatigue and relax your physical being, fully recharged for the next exciting adventure. We are located in the most tranquil and beautiful city, Hualien. Only a 10-minute drive to Hualien Airport. It’s also close to Hualien Train Station, downtown, Tzu-Chi area, and the Taiwan Ninth Local Highway. The Li-Shiuan hotel is in the hub of major transportation, saving you lots of commute time. There are many tourist spots that are only few blocks away; such as Hualien County Stone Sculptural Museum, Pine Garden, and Qixingtan (scenic ocean area). Moreover, the hotel is located in the government bureau area, which is the best place for business travelers.

※ In order to ensure quality of visitor accommodation, pets are not allowed; if required, please contact the front desk arranged accommodation for pets.